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Maritime Luxury Limousine - Baby's First Ride Home

Baby's First Ride HomeYou have waited a long time to see your new edition to your family and you want them to be brought home safe, comfortable and together as a family.

Why use Maritime Luxury Limousine and Sedan Service?



  • No parking the car
  • No paying to park
  • No long Cold walk to the car, (Great for your winter born baby!)
  • New body style lincoln sedans and stretch limousines in black and white.
  • Experienced, licensed and insured chauffeurs for you and your baby's safety
  • We are non-smoking and scent free
  • Sanitized baby seat supplied
  • Heated/Air-conditioned limousine or sedan is running and ready when you get in
  • Pick up at the front door
  • Parcels and baggage carried by the chauffeur
  • Water and candy provided
  • Sedans or 6, 8 &10 passenger limousines available
  • No cabs or "getting a ride" if you don't have a car
  • Leather seating for comfort
  • Lots of leg room to stretch out
  • CD player for relaxing music
  • Drop off location maps printed out for chauffeur
  • We serve all of Prince Edward Island
  • We accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX and cash
  • You receive a confirmation contract stating what service you have rented.

Maritime Luxury Limousine and Sedan Service chauffeurs you from the hopital to your home so you do not have to drive and you can enjoy the company of your family.

If you are a grandparent, friend or relative that lives far away and you want to get something special for a present for this new gift into your world, Maritime Luxury Limousine will arrange the pick up time and hospital location with you and the new mom and family can be surprised as they leave the hospital in luxury, style and comfort.

We have 6, 8 and 10 passenger limousines as well as SUV and sedan service to provide luxury transportation for the new family.

We can provide a baby seat for the Baby's First Ride Home so you do not have to purchase this seat immediately to leave the hospital.

The nurses will insist that you have one that you show to them and we can take the seat to them to show them it is installed properly and it is safe to use.

We bring Daddy to Mommy and Baby for their First Ride Home in Comfort, Style and Ease.

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