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All Prince Edward Island Cruise Ship Shore Excursions, visitors are encouraged to book their PEI sightseeing needs in a limousine. We provide transportation to all of Prince Edward Island's famous attractions. You may be surprized at how affordable your Prince Edward Island cruise ship excursion is.





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Maritime Luxury Limousine - Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

Brilliant Green every where you look for our summer for your Prince Edward Island Cruise Ship Shore Excursion.

Our fall foliage emanates in every imaginable color, quaint villages and towns beckon you to explore them, cool crisp breezes ever so subtly creep their way through the air, lighthouses mark our shores silently standing guard on their cliffs…the stunning coastal regions of Prince Edward Island radiates a distinct charm that is unmatched by any other destination in the world.

Whether you’re learning the history of the historic city of Charlottetown or sipping tea and enjoying scones at a quaint café on the streets of Charlottetown, there is fun and excitement for people of all ages to enjoy.
Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service's Cruise Ship Shore Excursions on Prince Edward Island allows you to experience the unmistakable charm, history and natural beauty that only this unique and incomparable region can offer.

Each of our 3 Tours offer passengers an opportunity to experience a taste of everything this spectacular Cruise Ships PEI Maritime Luxury Limousineregion has to offer; all from the comfort of luxurious limousines, sedans or SUV's. You are on your own time table so you do not have to leave a particular point of interest because the bus has to stick with it's itinerary. Like wise, you do not have to stay either if you have seen enough. The vehicle is yours so we go or stay at your command!

Our Shore Excursions offer passengers a variety of fun and fascinating things to see and do. Retrace history or photograph the stunning natural beauty as you tour through The National Park. Go ahead, we will wait! Shop the quaint streets of the city of Charlottetown, as well as over 100 other shops and restaurants.

Experience Prince Edward Island's scenic beauty and fishing heritage on a full-day excursion that visits lighthouses, fishing villages and scenic vistas or take in a round of golf on one of our world class golf courses. With so much to do, your opportunities for fun, excitement, and relaxation are virtually endless!

Prince Edward Island Cruise Ship Shore Excursions offer a variety of different shore excursion opportunities since 1999 and all of them can easily be added to your itinerary. Your Prince Edward Island Shore Excursion can be customized to your own individual taste to be whatever you want it to be, where ever you want it to be!

Cruise Ship PEI

Prince Edward Island Cruise Ship Shore Excursions What to wear-
To be most comfortable, it is recommended that summer guests have Jeans or slacks and a windbreaker on board. Autumn guests are advised to have several sweaters, a jacket, a windbreaker and a raincoat on board and decide before you exit the ship. Our weather can be the extremes at any time of year. Also, don't forget a camera and a pair of binoculars and if you so desire, comfortable walking shoes, hiking boots, etc. You will actually want to do some walking when you are here.

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