There are many people who would like to do something special for their 1st, 10th or any anniversary they have. When you book with Maritime Luxury Limousine and Sedan Service, you can enjoy the company of your significant other on your special day in a luxurious limousine or Sedan to take you to your memorable restaurant, the place where you first met or the place where that special question was asked “Will you Marry Me?” Maritime Luxury Limousine and Sedan Service can make your departure and destination arrival a surprise for your significant other! Safe, insured and far less expensive than a DUI Attorney! We can take you to dinner, go for a romantic drive or wait for you and your significant other while you dance the night away. When your night is over, we will be there in a climate controlled limousine or sedan to take you right to your door of your house or hotel so you can spend the rest of your night together.

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Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service