Moncton Shopping

Gather your friends and family to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.

Maritime Luxury Limousine and Sedan Service will pick your group up at the location of your choice and take you on a relaxing day of shopping at the Champlain Place Mall.

We provide you with candy, water and pop on your leisurely drive to Moncton. Sit back and relax on this worry free experience.

You will be dropped off at the entrance of your choice of the Champlain Place Mall. No worry of parking or the long walk back to your car.

You can leave your jackets in the limousine so you do not have to drag it around to each shop.

Your chauffeur will be on call to pick up your parcels at the entrance of your choice at any time you need him, so you can go about your shopping without the heavy load of your bags as they will be in the car safe and secure with your chauffeur!

When you have finished your day of shopping, lunch with your friends or pampering yourself in the Mall, get back into a climate controlled limousine at the exit of your choice and cruise on back home.

Let Maritime Luxury Limousine help take away the stress of your shopping and turn the day into a wonderful way to enjoy friendship and comfort with the variety of Champlain Place.

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Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service