Corporate Meetings - Maritime Luxury LimousineIf you are one of the many corporate employees that have meetings   scheduled on Prince Edward Island and you need to be on-time and arr  ive ready for your important tasks-at-hand, Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service can make sure you are picked up on time in a relaxing and comfortable sedan or SUV so you are ready for that meeting.

Maritime Luxury Limousine can be your sole transportation for all of your transportation needs on Prince Edward Island. We can get you to your meeting by day and take you to dinner or your function by night.

We are here to serve you while you have so many things to do in one day and need someone to get you there.

We are a one stop transportation service. We have the capacity to arrange for mini-buses and passenger vans for as many clients as you will be needing to transport.

There are many businesses that insist their visit to Prince Edward Island remains confidential as many of their meetings may not be public knowledge.

We make sure that all of our chauffeurs understand the importance of keeping our corporate client’s presence on Prince Edward Island confidential. We believe clients deserve to have their professional and private lives kept in confidence.

Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service will wait outside of your meeting place or we will arrange a pick up time at the door of your preference so we can quickly get you to the next place you need to be whether that is to another meeting or to an awaiting aircraft.

We have many repeat corporate clients because we know how to be professional and we make sure your needs and agenda are met on schedule.

When you have a meeting on Prince Edward Island, call Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service. We are waiting to serve you.

Your Business is our Business!

You can request at quote at our Corporate Quote Page

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Maritime Luxury Limousine & Sedan Service